Interim Management

Interim Management

Diagnosis, Management & Turnaround

ARIA Capital Interim Management is an independent ARIA Capital business unit with experts in diagnosing the issues of companies of different sizes and sectors, then implementing the best operational, commercial, procedural and financial practices. Our main differentials:

• Executives who can speed up the implementation of operational processes;
• A focus on the incorporation of innovative management and processes;
• Participation in the daily routine of the company; hands on operation;
• Partners and Executives who act ad-hoc in the essential roles of the company;
• Value creation for the business and shareholders;
• Ability to prepare the company for growth.

• Operational Diagnosis
• Review and redesign of operational processes, organizational structure or company structure;
• Identification of operational bottlenecks and inefficiencies;
• Identification of gaps between senior management and staff;
• Definition of key performance indicators that influence business;
• Organization of company’s economic and financial information for an analysis of profitability by business unit and then quickening the decision-making process;
• Identification of the most relevant cost impacts in the company structure.

• We provide one executive dedicated exclusively to one or more areas of the companies;
• Become part of the organization and work to speed up changes;
• Coordinate all necessary actions within the company in order to put the desired changes into practice;
• Coaching for senior management;
• Side by side follow-up of the main officers;
• Measure the company using key indicator that effectively propose achievements;
• Implement operations control that allows senior management to follow up on business performance;
• Implement management and governance best practices.

• Make use of innovative models for company processes, products and/or services focused on income improvement;
• Identify operational inefficiencies and find ways to solve them;
• Revise the implemented IT system and optimize it;
• Benchmarking and Best Practices;
• Pay special attention to cost reduction and revenue increase (traditional or not);
• Strategic Reformulation.