Special Situations

Special Situations

Legal Claims, Judiciary bonds and Default Credit.

Aria Capital Corporate assists in the intermediation of judiciary bond sales, as well as other credit rights arising from other types of judicial decisions (assets), assisting its clients in the negotiation with potential financial institutions interested in the acquisition of these rights,always acting in the best interests of the client. The process goes through the following stages – (i) a legal opinion evaluating the documents is presented (internal or issued by an outside law firm) and (ii) a specialized study incorporating calculations according to each beneficiary’s amounts, including his/her monetary restatement is elaborated, allowing for a faster Due Diligence process to be performed by the Financial Institution/Investment Fund that offers the best proposal.

Judiciary Bonds (Certificates of Court Ordered Payments)
Debt derived from a legal claim on a public entity. This is a payment transaction request for an exact amount, considering the total amounts higher than sixty minimum Brazilian wages per beneficiary. There are two different operations:

Derived from legal claims involving pensions, alimony, or compensation payment in case of death or permanent disability, among other alimony amounts;

Paid in ten or fifteen annual installments and derived from other legal claims from a natural person or legal entity brought against the Court of Treasury.